Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My new toy! Yipee!!!!!!!!!

What's this I see? The UPS man dropped off this rather unusual-shaped and unusually-large box at our doorstep yesterday!
Hmm... intriguing. Bubble-wrap and packing-peanuts galore, and here's what came out!
Ta Da! She's my new (used) spinning wheel! An Ashford Traditional, bought off of Ravelry, from a lovely seller named Nikki (great name, but nope, not my sister Nikki!) who did an AWESOME job dis-assembling, packing, and shipping her to me quickly! I had her put back together within a reasonable amount of time, and there wasn't even any cussing involved! GO ME! LOL!
Behind her, you can see my great-great-great-(I'm really not sure how many "great's" but you get the idea) grandmother's wheel brought over from Norway. Let's just say my Mom can remember her grandmother spinning on it and telling HER stories of HER grandmother spinning on it. However, she misbehaves for me- the double-drive drive band just will NOT stay on no matter what kind of tension I set it at, and one of the maiden supports is gone, so I've rigged it up to hold up one end of the flyer and bobbin assembly, but it's more frustration than it's worth. Plus, about half of the hooks are missing and the half that are left are snagged and jagged. Refurbishing it would ruin the antique-ness of it, and would be Verboten by Mom. She may go back and live with Mom now that I have a functional wheel to USE!

Had a bit of trouble treadling my new Ashford last night, so I picked up some 3-in-1 oil and plan on giving her a good lube and seeing what she can do!

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