Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First Bobbin-full

Here's my first (admittedly sloppy) bobbin of singles spun on the Ashford Traditional. Yep, she needed a good lube job and some adjustments on the drive band tension & brake tension, and the thick/thin over/underspun areas are TOTALLY my fault. I need to get used to wheel spinning again!

This is some merino/tencel I picked up at the Michigan Fiber Festival last summer. (Yeah, it's been in my stash THAT LONG!) I have a couple of bobbins worth to go, then I'll ply it (probably 2-ply, since I have a spindle-full of spindle-spun that I plied end-to-end, and I'm hoping the gague matches up enough to knit up a pair of socks or something with this, as it's not exactly going to be 'pretty' yarn when I'm done, being the first trial run with the wheel!)
After I finish this roving, I have a huge batch of Lorna's Laces in Rainbow to spin. Oh, the possibilities!!!!

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Lori H said...

Yeah, Amy -- so glad you got a working wheel now! I have to oil my wheel all the time. I think now that it's winter it gets dryer in the house so oil away. Merino tencel is my fav fiber -- so shiny. Your spinning looks great. Happy spinning!