Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We have YARN!

Second full bobbin of singles- this one is a little bit better than yesterday. I'm finally getting the "feel" for the Ashford!
I ended up with 2 HUGE 2-ply bobbins full of yarn, once I finished spinning the singles. Off to the left you can see the mini-skein I'd spindle-spun before the Ashford arrived. I'm pretty close on WPI (just by looking- I need to find a WPI tool.... Lori... did you hear that?? How much for one made by your hubby? LOL!) so it should "mesh" pretty well. I'll skein it up tomorrow and set the twist, since I have to get some sleep for work tomorrow.
Oh, and I snapped a pic of the last half-bobbin of fiber before I spun it, since I totally forgot to photograph it pre-spun. DUH! Beautiful sheen, eh?

Life is good!

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