Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Madness in West Michigan

With all of the events surrounding the death of former President Gerald R. Ford, you might think Western Michigan might have thought of some of this ahead of time! I mean, yeah, this is the first time Michigan has dealt with the death of a hometown president, but he *was* 93 years old, it's not like this was unexpected! They figure there were 60,000 people in line last night to pay repects at the Ford Museum in downtown GR. To some of you, 60,000 might sound like a drop in the bucket of humanity. BUT- when you pour 60,000 people into a downtown area IN JANUARY in Michigan, you've got to expect issues. Parking, traffic, crowd control, communication... plan, anyone? An 8 hour wait in line...

From what I have read, the people of Michigan (and from all over, apparently!) were well behaved (for a change.) And the weather certainly cooperated. I mean, it *is* January and we haven't had snow in at least 3 weeks. Unheard of!

Regardless of your political affiliation, GRF was the epitomy of a Western Michigan man. Rest in Peace, Jerry.

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