Thursday, January 11, 2007

Maddie's Sweater

My niece, Madelene, has a birthday present waiting!

She'll be 3 in March, but I finished this raglan early. (I'm concerned it looks a little smaller than I thought, but that's what I get for messing around with gague/size to use the Malabrigo instead of sticking with the written information!)

If it's too small, I'm debating just knitting another one and giving this one to a co-worker who has a 2 year old. :tee hee: Not that it was difficult, but I just don't feel like frogging a perfectly good sweater due to my own daredevil-ish attempt at pattern tweaking. And, I have enough yarn to make the next size up. SWWEEEETTTT!

So what's up next? (noislily drumming fingers....) Will it be the Rona shawl in Zephyr Elderberry? Gotta get some longer circs for that one, as I all I have in the right size is 16-inchers. BUT- I could start on DPNS until I get to the LYS! Also thinking of some Jaywalker socks in my homespun Lorna's Laces, but I'll have to do some gague checking on that one. Hmm.... Or, I have plenty of other self-patterning sock yarn I could make some generic socks with, but I'm kind of burned out on socks right now.

Decisions, decisons!

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