Sunday, January 28, 2007

Final Sweater Pics!

Here's the FINAL version of the Entrelac Jacket, complete with hand-made dichroic glass buttons!

First, a shot of the full sweater. Next, folded up so I could show the collar as it lays, rather than distorted by the hanger. Last, the best close-up of the buttons I could get with my digi-cam.

Isn't this just 'da bomb! Okay, I'm done posting shots of this one....

Still working on Rona and Jaywalker, and Kitty Pi is currently felting. (Although, I used a lighter-gauge yarn and it's not 'standing up' yet, it's looking more like a round rug! If that's the case, OH WELL! No big deal, I could use a rug anyway!) Nothing's particularly camera-ready right now, so I'll spare you the 'wad of yarn' look.

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Tandi said...

Hi- I saw your link from the destash blog.
Beautiful sweater- the buttons look great with it.