Friday, January 5, 2007

Entrelac Jacket Progress

So, Christmas morning brought me this:

Sarah James' Entrelac Jacket pattern & JojoLand "Rhythm" yarn

Okay, so I self-bought a Christmas present and had dh wrap it. Oh, and I got *two* bags of this yummy yarn, but you see.. I was so anxious to start I forgot to take a pic until after half of the first bag turned into this...

Back panel complete!

Since then, the knitting progressed to this:

Back panel, two front panels, finished & blocking!
(excuse the naked mattress pad!)

Now, that was a couple of days ago. (I've been too busy to upload pics! Sue me!) I've since assembled the shoulders and completed both seed-stitch side panel, finished the entrelac panels for both sleeves, and am working on seed-stitch underarm areas.

My original goal for the FO was Monday. Not totally sure I'll make that deadline, so although I'm optimistic, I've reset the goal date. The Ceramic Cafe is having another dichoric glass class the weekend of 1-19, and I WILL have this jacket done by then, hopefully to create dichoric buttons (DROOL ON MINIONS! BWwwwaaahhhhhaaaaa!) for this masterpiece. That goal is totally do-able.
Oh yeah, I have 40-50 pages of math text to format before 1-15. Doh! I suppose I *should* set aside the knitting long enough to actually meet this deadline, since I missed my first deadline by a little. (Totally not like me, I HATE missing deadlines, but that first one was WAY over-optimistic anyway...)
Gotta run! I have a doctor's appointment today (more lectures about my weight & distinct lack of exercise... fun fun fun!) and the housework situation has gotton critical. MUST VACUUM!


Yarner said...

Hi, Do you still have this pattern and would you like to sell it??

Yarner said...

Hi, Do you still have this pattern and would you like to sell it??