Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Blue Eyed Blogger Strikes Again

Well, I've jumped on the blogging bandwagon... again. There, I did it. I'm not even going to begin to try to explain my 15 month absence from the blogosphere. :sigh:

So what's on the needles???

1. Entrelac Jacket- the Sarah James pattern I "got" for Christmas. (Okay, okay, so I picked out the pattern myself and ordered the yarn from Ebay, gave the box to dh and let him wrap it. Who cares!) Using JojoLand "Rhythm" yarn in the light pink/blue/green colorway. Back & front panels are done and sewn at the shoulders, both side seed-stitch strips are done, and one sleeve is on the needles. I'd *love* to have this done before I go back to work (on Monday) but my lack of housekeeping over the past couple of weeks is catching up with me. Maybe I should extend my target? Nah, who cares about housework anyway???

2. Bula- of sorts. I ordered some JojoLand cashemere/merino yarn just to try it out, and now I have ten balls (YES- ten balls) of non-superwash sock-weight yarn. I hate non-superwash socks (although some of this may become socks someday!) so I'm winging a bula-neckwrap-headwrap thingie. Stupid idea, as it's 200 stitches in the round on size 0's. :DOH:

3. Maddie's Sweater. Madelene is my neice, she'll be 3 in March. I'm working on Ragalan-in-the-round pattern from Little Turtle Knits in malabrigo yarn. So yummy! It's probably next on my FO list after the Entrelac Jacket.

4. Socks. Do I even have to list how much sock yarn I have in my stash????

6. Emily's Cow-print Sweater. I hate that freaking thing. My daughter wanted a cow-print cardigan. Of course, it HAD to be purple and pink cow print. Why? I have no idea. I don't even want to think about that stupid thing. A large-scale intarsia project is just not my thing. I should have just said "NO!" but now that it's started, I suppose I should finish it before it's too small for her. (Or just frog it and admit defeat!)

What else, what else... I know there's more....Oh yeah, my other hobbies!

Quilting- still sitting in the "to do tote" is the quilt for Emily's bed. Top is done, the layers are about 1/3 binded together (hand-quilted, BTW!) and there it sits. I also have most of the squares cut (and a few put together!) for the denim/flannel quilt.

Cross-stitch- I scanned a portrait of my kids into a computer program that converts it to a cross-stitch pattern. It's probably 60% done. My kids were 4 and 9 months when the portrait was taken. They're 8 and 5 now. *sigh*

Sewing- I am a supremely lucky lady- my MIL got me a serger for Christmas! Fantastic lady that she is! However, it's currently in "time-out" for bad behavior. (Admittedly, *my* bad behavior...) I can't, for the life of me, get the tension settings right on this thing! My MIL mentioned that I could sign up for a class at the sewing center she purchased at, but I haven't admitted defeat yet. I should just call the place, eh? Once I get the bugs worked out, I have fabric for a pair of PJ pants for Em.

That's enough for now. I'm stressing myself out thinking about all of these projects!

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