Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wyatt's "Hot Legs" Longies, half-of-one Noro Sock, and "WhatIfKnits" Raffle

1. Recently completed (except for installing the elastic in the covered waistband) longies for a dear friend's ds, Wyatt. Dad's a huge Jeff Gordan fan and wanted a pair that would mimic his colors/theme:

2. Showing off the start of my Noro sock yarn sock. Simple stockinette with a tiny cable running up the front of the foot. I might add one later that runs up the back of the calf, but I haven't decided yet! (The cable shows now on the 'side,' since this sock-fetus is currently laying sideways. Not that the picture shows it well anyway! LOL!) I'm really loving this yarn, even with it's unusual pseudo-single ply and a touch of thick-and-thinness. It's softer than I expected, and coming together nicely on 2.5 mm needles. (US size 1.5)
3. WhatIfKnits is hosting a rafffle with some AWESOME prizes in exchange for making donations to chosen animal welfare or protection groups, or your local equivalents. I donated to Harbor Humane Society's "Hope Fund," and hope you will consider entering this raffle and supporting a good cause.


Nikki said...

You are so awesome! I love the longies, what a lucky little guy! And that sock yarn is very pretty. I haven't done anything with my new sock yarn, been finishing the hat (done) and the calorimetry that my friends wanted (done except the button) so that's kept me busy all week. See ya!

Coggie said...

The longies look great.