Sunday, December 23, 2007

Still can't show you the F.O., but...

(Just a couple more days, and I might even get an 'action shot' of it with it's new owner!)

I *can* show you the socks I finished (in the nick-of-time, literally!) for our school's Media Specialist, Sarah.

Sarah always comments on my hand-knit socks, and for a couple of years now has bugged me to teach her how to knit. I'd be more than happy to, but she (like me) is always busy, and had decided back in October or Novemeber that she was going to put that idea on the backburner, and threw out the "how much would you charge to knit a pair if I bought the yarn...????" question we all hate to hear. (A fair wage for the number of hours spent? A small stipend on top of the yarn cost which is WAY more than most non-knitters expect? Not an easy question, especially when dealing with friends and co-workers.)

So, what did I do? Suprised her with a pair for herself. Her daughter was so impressed she now wants her mom to learn how so SHE can have a pair. I guess she'll learn how to knit anyway! LOL!

Behold: Sarah's Socks:
Specs: Yarn-OnLine Supersocke 100 Tropic Color, pattern by Fleegle. Completed and photographed at my desk on Wednesday, 5 minutes before Sarah came in for her afternoon shift. Instead of wrapping, I just cut a length of leftover yarn, balled up the socks, and tied a bow. Complete with a "Post It" note To/From tag. LOL!

What's up next?!
Tonight- I shall finish the second Convertable mitten, as it's been marinating too long.

Then- Emily's friend came for a sleepover last weekend and requested a pair of slippers, so it's another pair of FiberTrends Clogs- Bright green & purple! I'm thinking of reversing the colorway to make a mis-matched-but-coordinating set, as that's just the kind of funky girl Hannah is! LOL

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