Saturday, December 1, 2007

One Convertible Mitten Done!

Problem is, it's too big! Well, it "fits," but it's too wide. Even though I got gague for this project, it's pretty obvious that this convertible mitten is too wide. Considering it's 100% cashmere, I'm leary of trying to felt it down a little for fear of ruining it completely. Now, I need to decide if I

a. Frog it and re-knit (probably not going to happen)
b. Knit its mate and deal with it (likely)
c. Knit its mate and gift them to someone with larger hands. (Although the thumb might be too short for someone else... while I didn't get width gague, the thumb (knitted to the pattern) is almost too short for ME! Of course, I could always rip that back a bit and knit it longer...)

Decisions, decisions!


Nikki said...

These are really cute! Is this the yarn you spun, or did you buy this? Looks very soft and cozy. I don't think you'll mind the extra width, but that's just me!!!

Enjoy them!!!

Amy said...

No, this is definatly store-bought! I *wish* I coulds spin that evenly! (Although I'm getting better!)

I casted on for mitten #2 last night, so I guess I'm keeping them! LOL!