Monday, December 31, 2007

No photos today, but updates and "Zebra Stripe Gum"

Okay, no pics today. Sorry.

1. Finished Hannah's slippers- felted and currently drying. I'll snap a photo of those before they're off to live with her.

2. Started spinning the Brown Sheep mill ends roving. Not sure if I'm loving it yet, but the second bobbin-full came out more even than the first. I Andean plyed the first bobbin, which was kind of a bust (as in "almost broke my flipping-off-finger in the process" kind of bust) in which I had to do half-at-a-time because my bobbin was FULL. Yeah, well, it's plyed. Not exactly pretty, but for a first attempt at a new technique, I learned a lot! The second bobbin will be spun from a center-pull-ball instead, producing (hopefully) smoother 2-ply yarn.

3. Super-Secret-Mystery dying/spinning project in progress. Let's just say 4 oz. of superwash merino has been begging to be dyed. Leftover Easter Egg dyes were involved. Dh's reaction contained the words "Zebra Stripe Gum," and it's drying now so I can't start spinning yet. :sigh: Probably once I get back from Chicago later this week, as I doubt it'll be dry before we leave tomorrow.

(Leaving y'all in suspense! Mmmmwwaaaahhhhhaaahhhaaa!!!)

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