Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Both Shawls DONE!

Black shawl is DONE! You can't see them here clearly, but this shawl has peacock-green shiny beads. (They didn't photograph well at ALL!)

1. Tip & body
2. Wing Detail
3. Full Shot
4. BOTH shawls! "Odette & Odile" a.ka. "Yin & Yang"


Gammy aka Peggy said...

Both your stoles are gorgeous!!! I'm getting ready to block mine, but guess I will just use pins as I do not have the blocking wires. Backbreaking work!!!!

Arlene said...

The shawls are lovely Amy!

Its interesting how they came out so different in size. It sure shows how guage matters.... and how different yarns work up differently.

Enjoy the stoles.

Nautical Knitter said...

Yin - Yang, too cool! They look great!