Wednesday, July 18, 2007

No excuses, no pictures

I've finished Clue 3 on MS3 on the white shawl, but not the black one (yet.) This week has been kind of busy and I haven't made the time to finish it yet.

"Princess" is in the process of getting braces, which has meant weekly trips to the orthodontist for one procedure or another. She gets next week off, while her appliance is being built in Wisconsin, of all places. Then, another set of spacers before her final "installation" of the palatte expander & braces. She seems so young for this, but her mouth is in a terrible state and needs some intervention.

"Little man" is being his usual five-and-a-half-year-old self, which is talkative, SNUGGLY (suprisingly!), sweet, but yet a bit on the high-maintenence side. He's still an early-bird and hasn't adjusted so well to our layed-back summer schedule. He'll probalby start sleeping in in mid-August, just in time to start adjusting back to the school-year scheudle. Oh well...

Got into my classroom yesterday and did a LOT. Cleaning, arranging, bulliten boards, etc. Have a bit more to do, then I'll focus on lesson planning and curriculum in August. For a summer "off," I sure spend a lot of time thinking about/working on/setting up/pre-planning for the school year! I even sewed new curtains (I'm switching classrooms for the upcoming school year, so it was time to do some updating) today, which I hope to put up this afternoon.

Almost Harry Potter 7 time. I can't wait!

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