Saturday, July 7, 2007

Wow, I really suck as a blogger!

MS3 is not only coming along, but it now has a fraternal twin. I finished Clue 1 so quickly (one afternoon) I decided to start a second one, in black, with the coolest peacock green/sparkly beads.
Clue 1 Done- White Shawl
Clue 1 Done- Black Shawl
Clue 2 Done- White Shawl

So far, this MS3 project has kept my rapt attention, except that the clues are a bit short for me. (Probably because I'm off work for the summer and used to GO-GO-GO 24/7 and life has suddenly screeched to a halt. I have more time for knitting than most, so I shouldn't complain about short clues! Instead, I will just make 2!) I still have no idea what the theme will be once it's complete. The only guesses I've had so far are a Harry Potter theme (which the designer has already refuted) and some sort of birds-and-the-bees theme, which doesn't mesh with the black or white color choices. Who knows....

I'll try to be better about posting progress!

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