Monday, September 3, 2007

Peace Fleece Progress

I've been plugging along on the back piece of the Peace Fleece Cardigan, and now have about 17 1/2 inches done (it needs to reach 23 1/2 inches* to go on to the next step!) I think I've chosen that to work on right now because it's pretty mindless stockinette, and my brain is on overload with school starting back up and even the relatively easy Cashemere Scarf lace repeats are too much for me right now. Plus, I'm catching up on smut TV, and I can "knit-a-row/purl-a-row" without thinking too much, which I need when I'm in this kind of mode.

(*Yes, I'm fiddling with the pattern a bit. The size Large instructions say 25 inches, but when I measured MYSELF, I still have to admit while I'm a Large in girth, I'm definately not a Large in length, thus I'm using the Medium size length measurements and melding them with the Large girth. :sigh:)

I took this picture when I had reached about 9 inches, but I'm too lazy to take another progress pic, since it's basically just a bigger rectangle at this point. Once something interesting starts to take shape, I'll snap more photos. (Oh, and it's not BLUE as this photo implies, it's WAY more purple than this! With tiny bright-pink flecks too! Much closer to the yarn/pattern color below, which I took with more natural lighting. This one is way-off-color.)


Lori H said...

Your cardigan is looking great. I can't believe how far you've gotten already on this with school starting and everything this week!

Zonda said...

Hi! Nice to see others knitting this! Sounds like you made some good mods to fit you better too! We'll see how mine goes. Your's does look blue, but I know its that violet color right? Mine looks different too, it's actually Hemlock (dark green)wierd huh! Nice to meet you!